Top 10 Winning Fresh Produce

It is a common belief that fresh tastes better and many operators prefer to serve fresh food, but with the rise of food costs, many can’t afford to waste money on food that has spoiled before being used. As you know, fresh has a limited shelf life compared to frozen. If you are going to invest in a fresh product, be sure to maximize its utility. Produce that overlaps in various recipes are key.

Benefits of Fresh Produce:
  • Better flavor
  • Less of an eco-footprint
  • Nutrient-rich

Get inspired to use up every piece of each produce item with recipe suggestions so nothing goes to waste in your kitchen!

Below there's a list of produce everyone should stock for its high versatility.

1. Plum/Roma Tomato

Plum tomatoes are meaty tomatoes used to make tomato sauce or tomato paste. It can also be served as a salad tomato but they are typically less juicy in the middle. The most prized of the plums is the San Marzano tomato.

Some applications include:

  • Steak Pizzaiola
  • Neapolitan pizza 
  • A hamburger or cheeseburger
  • On a hoagie/sub or wrap

2. Cherry tomato

This type of tomato provides a very unique and juicy texture to a wide range of recipes both cold and hot.

Some applications include:

3. Basil

The most common use of basil is for cooking, such as in tomato sauce, pesto, or vinegars. But it also can be sprinkled over salads and sliced tomatoes.

Some applications include:

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are earthy and savory. They are an incredibly versatile ingredient used in everything from soups to pizza.

Some applications include:

  • Mushroom Pizza
  • Mushroom Carbonara
  • Chicken Mushroom Marsala
  • Mushroom Risotto

5. Red Onion

Their bold color and crunchy texture make them a great addition to salads and sandwiches.   They are most often eaten raw because of their subtly sweet and mild flavor.

Some applications include:

  • In a house salad
  • On a hoagie or sub
  • In a cheesesteak
  • A burger or cheeseburger

6. Bell Pepper

Slice them up to add their sweet juicy flavor to salads, pizzas and sandwiches. The shape of bell peppers makes them great to stuff as well.

Some applications include:

7. Potato

Potato is the most widely consumed vegetable in the U.S and is arguably the most versatile. High-starch potatoes, like Idaho potatoes, are good for baking whole, mashing, roasting, salad and frying.

Some applications include:

8. Spinach

Spinach is very versatile as well and can be used in a variety of applications from soups to a breakfast omelet. More commonly, coarsely chopped spinach is added to sandwiches, pasta and on its own as a nutritious salad.

Some applications include:

9. Romaine

This hearty lettuce will keep its crunch even when grilled. It is great in caesar salad, sandwiches, as a wrap, or even in soup.

Some applications include:

10. Garlic

Garlic is an important component of many dishes, especially Italian cuisine, from garlic bread to tomato sauce. Dishes would not have the same zing without this unique herb. The applications are endless.

Some applications include:

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