Spice up your Seafood

Looking for new ways to add flavor to your favorite seafood?  There are plenty of herbs and ground spices to give an exciting punch of flavor. Seafood is the perfect way to begin experimenting with flavor and spice blends.

Ground spices offer a way to bring out the natural flavors of fish, shellfish, calamari, and various other seafood dishes. While fresh is still ideal, using the dried, spice form can be very effective. The spice form also last longer and adds more of a concentrated flavor to give your dish the desired pop or subtle hint of flavor. We offer quality spices where a little goes a long way. Visit our Tuscan Spice Co. brand page to find spices to create your own spice blends.

Spices Most Commonly Used With Seafood:


Garlic powder is a good choice for enhancing the flavor of your seafood. Using ground garlic powder, you can add a concentrated flavor that could be used in sauces or marinades.


Basil is great for fish or shrimp recipes. Use this in herb blends for blackening fish. You can make an excellent marinade for fish with basil and balsamic vinegar. Or how about just a simple grilled fish with lemon and basil

Bay Leaf

Its aroma is perfectly paired with a delicate tasting fish, like tilapia. They are great when used in fish soups.


Consider making a cayenne and garlic sauce for your grilled fish. This would be great with any nice white fish fillets as well.


You can add cumin to thyme, paprika and lemon pepper as a spice blend to rub into fish fillets before pan frying. You can also combine cumin with other spices such garlic, coriander and chili powder.


This herb has an earthy and somewhat peppery taste that helps add a balance of flavor to dishes with fish. Use it as a garnish and sprinkle it over any kind of seafood. It pairs well with lemon and in a butter-based sauce.


Paprika is a useful spice in a variety of ways. Paprika is a unique powder because it's very mild in heat, but adds lots of flavor and a vibrant pop of color.

Recipe recommendations:

The combination of rosemary, lemon, and capers are absolutely delicious with white fish. It is both easy and simple to make white fish taste much better.

Recipe Recommendations:

Thyme is a herb you should be careful with. Cook with it lightly because the longer you cook it the more pungent the flavor becomes.


Turmeric works well with fish and shellfish dishes.

Ground or Fresh Spice? What are the Differences?

Some spices such as cilantro and mint are better in their fresh form. Herbs that have a woody flavor, like oregano, give off the best flavor payoff when dry. The majority of spices you cook with can follow these parameters.

Some of our Tuscan Spice Co. products include: