Menu Additions You Need This Summer


Dining out is back and people are ecstatic! Those who have been spending so much time at home want an excuse to get out this summer. Students are now on summer break, bringing a younger demographic to your restaurant. With more people through your door, offer a little extra on your menu to optimize revenue. This is the time to make up for lost sales during the pandemic period.


Nothing says Italian dessert like gelato. This creamy indulgent frozen dessert is always a crowd favorite. Instead of customers going for ice cream after dinner, make it convenient for them and offer your gelato after their meal. Gelato is becoming more popular in the U.S. as we see more retailers stock them in their freezer section. Differentiate yourself by offering authentic artisan gelato. We offer single serve to-go sizes, as well as 1.25 gallon sized pans. Choose from delicious unique flavors like Stracciatella, Sicilian Lemon, Banantella  and Mango Sorbet.

View our singe serve to-go size gelato brochure here.

Get Creative

To make their gelato eating more fun, feature a topping bar. Put a variety of candy and nuts in clear jars out in plain sight so customers can see what you offer. Kids, especially, love to choose their own toppings. After their meal, they won't be able to resist the delicious frozen dessert! Besides, gelato is so much better than ice cream...

Toppings to Choose From, Include:
  • Walnuts (Ferraro# 5050686)
  • Chocolate sprinkles (Ferraro# 6060697)
  • Rainbow sprinkles (Ferraro# 6060696)
  • Mini chocolate chips (Ferraro# 5050790)
  • Old Fashioned Granola (Ferraro# 5050808)

Seasonal Limited Time Specials

Limited time menu options and specials can be used to create customer loyalty and repeat business. They are a fundamental part of the industry because they work.  The time sensitive nature of LTOs make customers more likely to make a purchase. Use these limited time items as a tool to discover customer preferences for future menu changes.

LTOs that are Successful:
  • Launched around an event or holiday: Is a certain sport popular among your customers? Is there a national holiday approaching? Create a promotion around or on this day.
  • Promoted on social media and website: The younger customers are very active online and are on summer break. Is your LTO appealing enough to share online?
  • Instagram-able or appealing in a picture posted online: The younger customers are highly active online. Is your LTO appealing enough to share online?
  • Use trending or in season ingredients or recipes: Always keep an eye on menu trends in your industry. Which toppings are becoming popular? Here it is important to monitor competitors. What are they offering customers seem to enjoy?
  • Be innovative, but stay true to your brand or core business: If you are a pizzeria, do not create a LTO on your new fish taco concept. Stick to what you're known for.

Here are Some Ideas for Limited Time Promotions:
  • Buy one pasta entrée get another half off
  • Food and drink combo: Buy two slices, get a free can of soda
  • Two cheese pies and garlic bread combo at a discounted price

Fresh Salads

Don’t overlook the more health conscious person of the group-- offer seasonal greens with a mixture of fruit and vegetables. People overall tend to be more health conscious in the summer months. They may not completely opt out of the pasta or pizza meal, but have a smaller portion size with a salad on the side. Put effort into your salads! It may be a customer’s first impression of your food.

Some Popular Seasonal Vegetables to Include:
  • Avocados
  • Arugula
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Spinach
  • Bell peppers
  • Grape tomatoes

Try our Greek Garden Salad recipe or Spinach with Fruit Salad