Slam Dunk Sales for March

As you know, sports bring lots of opportunities for foodservice operations, especially pizzerias and casual dining establishments. It is a time to gather with friends and indulge with all the comfort food classics. Make this time a profitable one by being as prepared as you can.

Order Right

Look back on what you had sold in previous years to make an educated forecast of what you will need. Consider shelf life of products, as well as the freezer space you currently have available to store them.‍

Prepare the Staff

Consider cross training employees who don’t normally perform certain tasks, such as packing and preparing orders for delivery. By doing this you create time and money saving efficiencies. Inform and educate the staff on your new menu additions and promotions so they can properly inform customers.

A Menu that Stands Out

Of course shareable foods like pizza and wings will always be a hit, but everyone offers them.  Stand out from your competition by offering something still familiar, yet exciting. Imagine classic Italian food or comfort foods with a twist. Think of a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich… it is a classic Italian food with a tweak to it.  By doing this you are able to cross utilize ingredients, avoiding the need to purchase new products to your inventory. You are also able to charge a premium for these foods because they are perceived as more valuable-- they’ll have difficulty finding it anywhere else. Plus, think of all the Instagram-worthy photos they will get of their extra unique meal.

Examples of classic foods with a twist:
Delivery Friendly

As you know, some foods travel better than others. If the menu item includes a sauce, make sure you package it separately to prevent sogginess. Consider using less hot sauce to wings and adding extra on the side.

Be sure to be equipped with all the disposables needed for carry out. See our to-go items here.

Promote, Promote!

How will people know about your enhanced menu if you do not advertise it? Take the time about 3 weeks before the launch to post on social media, send out flyers, and update your website.

There are steps to consider taking below.

  • Update website with specials menu
  • Post on social media with great food photos, instructing people how to order (or pre-order)
  • If feasible, send email to loyal customers
  • Use Instagram Stories, one for each menu item, with the option to order on each story using its new ‘Link’ feature (could link to a third party site or your own site).
  • Create a menu kick off promotion the first week of the launch

Good luck and have fun!