Make a Splash with your Lent Specials

This year Lent is from March 2nd to April 14th. According to Datassential, seafood sales jump by more than 20 percent during Lent. Let this be a time to expand your seafood options. The interest in more innovative seafood plates is on the rise. This allows you to get creative with your menu and make more of a profit. Ideally, you will acquire some new seafood loving customers who were impressed with your food.

Shrimp and salmon are the leading fish dishes according to the National Fisheries Institute, however if you are a pizzeria, customers will also be expecting to see others such as calamari. Breading or battering are popular preparation methods for fish and seafood. Customers seeking alternatives during Lent can help to determine long term menu popularity. Have options for the unadventurous as well as the adventuresome. Add shrimp to linguine for a dish like Shrimp Scampi, or go with a heavy seafood option such as Zuppa di Pesce (a Mediterranean seafood soup with clams, mussels and cod).

Some additional entrees to consider:

  • Shrimp Fra Diavolo

To save labor time and costs, opt for seafood already prepped for you, such as pre-washed and pre-cut.

Below are some examples of prepared seafood options:

  • Shrimp 31/40 Peeled & Deveined Tail-off - #4200100
  • Shrimp Cooked 51-60 Peeled & Deveined White Tail-off - #4200162
  • Calamari Cleaned T&T 4-6'' - #4206852
  • Calamari Cut Rings Only Loligo- #4206750

To save labor time and costs, Ferraro Foods also offers pre-made battered and breaded options.

Some pre-breaded and battered options we stock:

  • Calamari Rings IQF Breaded - #4200454

  • Shrimp 13/15 Tail-on Breaded Butterfly - #4200505
  • Flounder Breaded Raw 4.5oz - #4200459

  • Cod 4oz Beer Battered Filet - #2100335

Lent can bring a lot of opportunities for your restaurant. Make the most of the time by doing your prep work and planning now.