Using Food Holidays to Drive Business

Having an online presence that drives customers through your doors, is becoming increasingly important as people spend more time online. With the amount of food holidays, there is always a reason to celebrate! A food holiday can be a creative and strategic way to attract new customers, while engaging with existing ones. They are a great starting point for those of you who don't know what to post about on your social media.

Use your social media accounts as well as in store signage to spread the word. Encourage guests to share the occasion using the relevant food holiday hashtag and tagging your location. This would be free advertising for your restaurant- the best kind!

Below are some relevant food holidays to consider using:


January is National Soup Month.

  • January 4th: Spaghetti Day
  • January 20th: Cheese Lovers Day‍


February is National Chocolate Lovers Month.

  • February 5th: World Nutella Day
  • February 7th: Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • February 9th: Pizza Day
  • February 13th: Tortellini Day, Italian Food Day
  • February 22nd: Hot Sauce Day
  • February 25th: Clam Chowder Day‍


  • March 9th: Meatball Day
  • March 11th: Chicken Parmesan Day
  • March 14th: Pi Day
  • March 12th: Baked Scallops Day
  • March 16th: Artichoke Hearts Day
  • March 20th: Ravioli Day
  • March 21st: Tiramisu Day
  • March 24th: Cheesesteak Day
  • March 26th: Spinach Day
  • March 31st: Clams Day


April is National Grilled Cheese Month.

  • April 5th: Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • April 6th: Carbonara Day, Fresh Tomato Day
  • April 7th: Beer Day
  • April 12th: Grilled Cheese Day
  • April 20th: Cheddar Cheese Fries Day
  • April 27th: Prime Rib Day
  • April 29th: Shrimp Scampi Day


May is National Hamburger Month.

  • May 5th: Hoagie Day
  • May 9th: Shrimp Day
  • May 25th: Wine Day
  • May 28th: Beef/Burger Day
  • The 3rd Friday of May: Pizza Party Day


  • June 1st: Olive Day
  • June 4th: Cheese Day
  • June 11th: Margherita Pizza Day
  • June 15th: Lobster Day
  • June 16th: Cannoli Day
  • June 22nd: Onion Ring Day


  • July 4th: Barbecue Day, Caesar Salad Day
  • July 6th: Fried Chicken Day
  • July 13th: French Fry Day
  • July 29th: Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day
  • July 30th: Cheesecake Day


August is National Sandwich and Panini Month.

  • August 6th: Root Beer Float Day
  • August 8th: Zucchini Day
  • August 11th: Panini Day
  • August 17th Eggplant Day
  • August 19th: Hot and Spicy Day
  • August 20th: Bacon Lovers Day
  • August 27th: Burger Day
  • August 31st: Eat Outside Day


August is National Mushroom Month.

  • September 3rd: Baby Back Ribs Day
  • September 5th: Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 7th: Salami Day
  • September 14th: Eat a Hoagie day
  • September 15th: Linguine Day, Double Cheeseburger Day
  • September 18th: Cheeseburger Day
  • September 20th: Pepperoni Pizza Day
  • September 29th: Coffee Day


October is National Pasta Month and National Pizza Month.

  • October 1st: World Vegetarian Day
  • October 7th: Mussel Day
  • October 11th: Sausage Pizza Day
  • October 14th: Dessert Day
  • October 15th: Mushroom Day, Chicken Cacciatore Day
  • October 16th: World Bread day
  • October 17th: Gnocchi Day
  • October 19th: Seafood Bisque Day
  • October 20th: Mozzarella Sticks Day
  • October 25th: World Pasta Day, Greasy Foods Day
  • October 28th: Chocolate Day


November is National Pepper Month.

  • November 1st: World Vegan Day, Calzone Day
  • November 3rd: Sandwich Day
  • November 6th: Nachos Day
  • November 12th: Pulled Pork Day, Pizza with The Works (Except Anchovies) Day
  • November 23rd: Espresso Day
  • November 26th: Cake Day


  • December 4th: Cookie Day
  • December 5th: Comfort Food Day
  • December 9th: Pastry Day
  • December 21st: Hamburger Day
  • December 30th: Bacon Day

We hope this gave you some great ideas and got you thinking about how you could possibly leverage some of these days for your restaurant. Let us know which ones you tried by tagging us @ferraro.foods on Instagram or @ferrarofoods.foodservice on Facebook. Good luck!