Expand Appetizer Offerings for the Holidays

At Ferraro we offer a variety of appetizers to fit your needs from your classic casual fried foods to specialty authentic Italian options. These beloved apps are enjoyed throughout the entire year, however, they are emphasized especially during the holiday season when people tend to indulge. 

A time of year when people gather and spend quality time with friends and family, be sure to see more traffic through your door. As customers take a seat and get comfortable, the first question they’ll ask the table is, what should we get to start? Or should we order some appetizers? Make your appetizer menu so good they can’t resist. Give them plenty of options to choose from so there is something they can all decide on.

Here are some reasons to expand your options during the season:

The Impulsive Buy

Promotes the in the moment spontaneous buy- whether it is a catered event or just dining in with a group of friends. Appetizers are always a weakness to those with a large appetite!

Quick and Easy

Ferraro offers options that are made from scratch quality, without the time and labor that would be needed to actually do it. Many of our appetizers only require heating and they're ready to be served.

Optimize Profit

As a way to optimize profit, appetizers can be sold by the piece. Make the plate look more full and valuable by adding extras such as a few celery sticks or some iceberg liner underneath.

Expands Opportunity

Various occasions occurs during this season, from more formal office parties to family gatherings at home. Most of the time appetizers travel fairly well- giving your customers more options to do business with you, as many people order to-go.

See our Holiday Appetizer Guide here, which was featured in our Twentieth Edition of The Last Bite Magazine.