The summer season unofficially kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend! Summer menus are known to be light and refreshing, but not without great flavor! Level up your menu by adding a summer twist to it.

Play on Names

You could just name the item for what it is, or have more fun with it and entice the customer with a play on summery words. Also - don’t forget about descriptions! Make their mouths water by using language describing just how delicious your food is.


Summer-daze Sampler: would be an antipasto plate or an appetizer featuring a few of each type of finger-food

Fresh Summer Salad: a salad featuring fresh berries, or vibrant peaches

Picnic-n-the-Sun Pizza: Burrata, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic glaze

‘Fresh off the Grill’

Nothing says the kickoff to summer better than burgers and sausages grilled to perfection with maybe a side of fresh greens or crisp vegetables. Already offer burgers? Enhance this menu item by adding some delicious caramelized onions and crumbled goat cheese.

Refreshing Treats

Have the freezer space? Gelato is easy to boost profit and is meant for summertime. Whether you prefer individual-sized gelato or an entire pan to serve from, gelato is the way to boost sales in the hottest months.

Offer individually packaged cookies and brownies in clear wraps or bags. Those who are on the go with their food might be inclined on taking a treat for later. Tip: Put them right

near the register or front counter to entice guests as they check out.

Keep your fridge stocked with a variety of beverages for everyone! Depending on the type of restaurant you have, you can even choose to upsell your classic soft drink with some mocktail options.

The Season of Catering

Warmer weather means less time wanting to be home cooking and the hassle that comes along with it. There are plenty of reasons for catering during the summer months- graduation parties, family reunions, wedding events, and so much more. Be sure to think of the entire experience when packing for the catering event. This includes thinking of everything from napkins to serving trays.