Spring has Sprung!

It is time to come out of hibernation and hit the ground running for the rest of the year!  

According to the National Restaurant Associations 2023 State of the Restaurant Report, about 84% of consumers said going out to a restaurant with family and friends is a better use of their leisure time than cooking and cleaning in 2023.  It also highlighted that “Revenue streams will continue to expand, Riehle said, citing subscription plans, loyalty programs, meal bundles, outdoor dining, and prix fixe offerings.”

In order to get ready for this season where ever your restaurant is in the US, here are some tips and tricks to implement into your Spring Cleaning routine!

Not only will your restaurant/pizzeria look sharp there are actual benefits to giving your space a real deep clean and declutter exercise!

Front of house

This is the face of your restaurant!

Whether you have a dining room or not, the counters, tables, floors, windows, and signage all need to be cleaned and repaired, if necessary.  Don’t forget the fans!


Great impression to new customers.

Trust building and reinforcement with loyal customers.

Pride in establishment

transferred to employees.


64% of people consciously choose a restaurant based on the cleanliness of its bathrooms.

This is a great time to replace and revamp and soap dispensers and refills along with paper towels or hand dryers.

A nice fresh smelling restroom can go a long way with customers.


Alleviates sanitary concerns for customers AND employees.

Helps prevent illness.

Back of house

Where all the magic happens!

Perfect opportunity to check whether all machines are running smoothly and cleaning surfaces that aren’t always in rotation such as walls,

walk ins, etc.


Increase efficiencies and save time and money by organizing the workspace.  Clutter can be a fire hazard, among other things.  Decluttering can also make it easier to access supplies, machines etc, saving time and frustration.