Legacy Foods Finds a New Home with Ferraro Foods

Legacy Foods, the amalgamation of both PK Groceries and Amrein Foods, has entered into an agreement with Ferraro Foods. The combined efforts will be operating out of Ferraro's 150,000 sq. ft. Aberdeen, MD facility in the near future.

Pete Kirtses and Tom Amrein built strong service oriented distribution centers independently for over 30 years. As each looked to expand their own business, they realized in order to be relevant in the marketplace it was necessary to unite the families, creating Legacy Foods.

Over the past 2 1/2 years, Legacy Foods succeeded in the ever-changing environment by working together to successfully market themselves uniquely in the competitive foodservice world. It is with that same mindset that Legacy Foods has decided to join forces with Ferraro Foods.

Since the start, Legacy Foods has operated out of two buildings. Legacy Foods South, located in Joppa, MD and Legacy Foods North in Wilmington, DE. This collaboration will allow Legacy’s customers to enjoy an expanded product mix including Ferraro’s carefully sourced exclusive brands and improved efficiency of operations with both buildings under one roof.

“We are very excited to have Legacy Foods join the Ferraro Foods Family. This collaboration aligns with our continued efforts to partner with strong distribution centers servicing the independent pizzeria/trattoria and casual dining restaurant from Maine to Miami. This combination will enhance Legacy’s ability to meet the growing demands of their customers through increased buying power and streamlined operations. We’re looking forward to being able to better support our pizzeria and restaurant community in the Maryland region with the additional resources this collaboration will bring,” said Michael Giammarino, CEO of Ferraro Foods.