Catering Season - Back in Business

Now that people are gathering again, your catering business will start to pick up as well. Be ready for a surge of orders at the end of spring and into the summer. Celebrations that had once been postponed, now have the green light… and so do you. Get back to doing what you love and provide delicious meals for customer’s special social occasions.

Special catering events your business may be in demand for are: graduation parties, family reunions, bridal showers, outdoor weddings, Fourth of July parties, or even a backyard pool party for a birthday celebration. Warmer weather means less time wanting to be in the home cooking and the hassle that comes along with it. This is the time to spread the word about your services. If possible, at events you cater for, put your business’s flyers and pamphlets out somewhere guests can see them so they are aware of who the host catered from. This is a great way to get exposure, as well as referrals for your business.

You may have custom menus or create packages for them to choose from. If you don’t already, have an appetizer menu that includes light finger foods such as bruschetta or caprese skewers, as well as an option of sides, such as garlic knots or roasted vegetables. Some caterers have a salad and pasta menu as well. Don’t forget a section of your menu for your specialty dishes, and lastly, your desserts! Each section of your menu should have under ten options in order to not overwhelm your customers.

Finally, be sure to think of the entrée experience when packing for the catering event. This includes thinking of everything from napkins, to the serving trays. Catering services are performed best when they help delight guests on their occasion and set the tone for the experience. Here are some staple non-food products Ferraro Foods recommends for your catering business.